Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Fuzzy Duck Note Tab

Fuzzy Duck Note Tab is a small utility for taking quick notes. The notes are saved in an RSS 2 formatted xml file for safe keeping.
Fuzzy Duck Note Tab

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

VLC Media Player 0.8.4

VLC Media Player is a lightweight media player capable of playing almost any audio or video file; two, it's cross-platform; three, a lot of other ambitious media player projects are based on its open source code; and four, the VLC team keeps on improving it. Today VLC Media Player 0.8.4 came out with a host of fixes and new features, including a new on-screen display system, better IPv6 support, an RSS feed overlay video filter, Icecast (Shoutcast) stream forwarding, and CGI 1.0 support in the HTTP module.
VLC Media Player
SuSE RPM packges are availble from PakMan.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I’ll be back…

on Sunday. I am going for a trip to Joshua Tree, Mojave and Death Valley.

Simple Linux backup

I have found article about Mirdir on LWN. Mirdir provides a quick and easy way to make an ad hoc backup of important data. With it you can copy a file or directories to your keydisk, or save redundant copies of data you can't afford to lose. It tries to do only one thing, and do it well: mirror a directory. When searching more I found that there are few other tools available to do this job: rsnapshot based on rsync

Monday, November 21, 2005

Capture One RAW Converter

C1It loooks like great RAW utiliy. Pro version it's a little expensive but I might try LE version available at BHPhoto for $79. Capture One DSLR (known hereafter as C1) can be used to convert a group of RAW images with the maximum quality, maximum control and quickest workflow. The one big strength Capture One DSLR has over the Canon software is that all adjustments happen in (almost) realtime. That means you can make a grey balance adjustment and see the change immediately, this is far better than the rather slow-to-change Canon FIle Image Viewer.


  • DPReview

  • Outback Photo - Capture One DSLR (C1) Experience Report and RAW Converter Essentials

  • Andy Rouse's Review
  • How To Write Unmaintainable Code

    Nice article about programming priciples ;-) If you follow all these rules religiously, even you wouldn't be able to maintain the code! Funny or Deja vu?

    Thursday, November 17, 2005

    Fotolia: social marketplace for royalty free stock images.

    Found on The Digital Photography Weblog:
    "Fotolia is solution to allow photographers of all levels to store, share and sell their photographs and illustrations. You create an online gallery - which also allows comments from viewers - and offer the photographs for sale. Membership is free and copyright remains with the photographer."


    Wednesday, November 16, 2005

    Celebrity Maps

    With Google Maps possibilties are endless. Want to know where Brad Pitt lives, check out Celebrity Maps ;-)

    Polarizer tricks

    Articles about polarizers:
  • Filters for Outdoor Photography
    Darwin Widgett

  • Understanding Polarizers
    Luminous Landscapes
  • The 8 Basic Steps of Image Editing

    It's looks very similar to what I am doing. I guess I am on right track...
    Unsharp Mask

    Tuesday, November 15, 2005 - cheap flight search engine
    Simple and powerfull as Google :0)

    Arch Enemy

    I saw them live at Slim's club in San Francisco. Great show, Angela is really powerfull vocalist.
    Arch Enemy

    Friday, November 11, 2005

    Voigtlander Bessa R3A

    I am thinking about selling my EOS 3 camera body at eBay and replace it with some smaller rangefinder system. Leica M7 is quite expensive but it looks I found a "clone" - Voigtlander Bessa R3A. It seem to be great manual camera.
    Bessa R3A
    Comparison with Leica M7, Konica Hexar RF
    Also compatibility with many excellent Leica M mount lenses is a plus.
    Leica M mount

    Thursday, November 10, 2005

    Editing RAW

    Nice suggestions regarding modifying the image once in the RAW editor.
    Raw to Cooked with Adobe Camera Raw
    Raw is all you need: Adobe Camera Raw Plug-in
    RawShooter | essentials 2005

    Switch your users to Firefox and make money.

    What do you get when you combine Firefox zealotry with a healthy profit motive (or twisted greed, depending on how you look at it)? You get Explorer Destroyer, a collection of free scripts for webmasters. Sign up for Google AdSense (which will allow you to collect a commission by getting visitors to switch to Firefox), install a script, and IE users who come to your site will be greeted by either a polite suggestion that they switch to Firefox, a splash page greeting them with a Firefox entreaty before they enter your site, or something of a nuclear option: a page blocking them from entering your site until they get the Fox.

    Kill Bill's Browser

    Wednesday, November 9, 2005

    SuSE Linux Founder Exits Novell

    SuSE Linux founder Hubert Mantel has resigned from Novell stating "Too late for me. I just decided to leave Suse/Novell. This is no longer the company I founded 13 years ago." Mantel's departure also comes less than a week after Novell announced a major restructuring that would result in 600 layoffs. It's unclear if Mantel's resignation is related to the restructuring that would result in 600 layoffs.

    Arch Enemy at Slim’s

    I missed them at Ozzfest so I got second chance to see them next Monday at Slim's in San Francisco.
    Arch Enemy
    Arch Enemy

    333 11th Street
    San Francisco, California
    Mon, November 14, 2005
    Showtime: 8:00 PM (Doors: 7:30 PM)
    Ticket price: $18/$20

    Tuesday, November 8, 2005


    If you'd like to access flickr on your desktop like one big hard drive, flickrfs may just be the answer. Inspired by Gmail Drive, flickrfs "mounts" your flickr account, letting you download, upload and search pics via the command line.

    Monday, November 7, 2005

    How to install VMware 5.0 workstation on SUSE Linux 10.0

    I tried to install the VMware 5.0 my SUSE 10.0 installation and got problems with compilation of VMware kernel modules. Found solution on Novell website when searching on VMware forums.

    Rolleiflex MiniDigi

    A true miniaturized digital replica of the world-famous famous Rolleiflex:

    Thursday, November 3, 2005

    Digital Photo of the Day

    It looks like one of my pictures posted on Flickr made to The Digital Photography Weblog:

    Tumb of Nicolas Copernicus found in Frombork

    In Frombork cathedral scientists found a skull which was most probably fragment of the skeleton of famous astronomer Nicolas Copernicus.
    Computer reconstruction of his face at the age of 70:
    Nicolas Copernicus

    Wednesday, November 2, 2005

    WordPress Flickr Post Bar

    The WordPress Flickr Post Bar plugin very simply allows you to easily insert your Flickr photos into your blog posts. Once installed, this plugin will display your most recent Flickr photos as thumbnails in a bar across the bottom of your WordPress post form.

    Flickr Post Bar

    Apple goes after photo pros - and Adobe - with Aperture

    The company has now announced Aperture, which looks like a high-end version of its free iPhoto program, with professional tools like advanced RAW handling and a range of output formats.

    DPReview compares D200, 5D and 20D


    See comparison.

    ISO 3200 in EOS 20D

    First you need to go into the Menu Mode on your camera. Select the Setup Menu (which is the Yellow menu), then scroll down through the list of options until you arrive at Custom functions.

    You'll need to set function 8 (ISO expansion) to a value of 1 which enables the camera to then be set to ISO 3200. Then exit out of the menus.

    Just be careful you don't toggle an option you don't intend. The manuals do explain about these functions and give examples of how to set custom functions.

    Table 2 Custom Functions of EOS 20D

    Tuesday, November 1, 2005

    Flickr Uploader for Linux

    FlickrUploadr is a tool to upload your pictures to Flickr. There are some official tools for this task, but they aren’t available on Linux, so Michele Campeotto wrote it.


    Sanyo PLV-Z1

    I have found digital projector under $500 so I decided I will buy it. I can made slideshows of my pictures and it looks like this one can be also used in home theatre setup.

    The PLV-Z1 High Definition (964 x 544) resolution panels make it the perfect match for home theater viewing 16:9 widescreen DVD movies (480i, 480p) and HDTV (720p, 1080i) format programs. For High Definition sources, the 1/4 HD resolution panels provide better scaling and improved image quality.
    With high quality projection system and 700 ANSI lumens you are assured that your home theater will have rich and lifelike images even at 200-inches diagonal. Featuring a D-Sub 15-pin input for connection to a computer, and horizontal/vertical Digital Keystone Correction.

    Sanyo PLV-Z1