Thursday, December 21, 2006

Hoya and Pentax to merge

Hoya and Pentax to merge: Digital Photography Review
Hoya, a very familiar name in the photographic industry (not least because they supply lens blanks to many manufacaturers) and Pentax have jointly today announced their intention to merge and become Hoya Pentax.

Hoya Pentax

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ubuntu Satanic Edition

The first version of Ubuntu Satanic Edition, “Evil Edgy”, is available for download from our secure APT repository. This release contains a number of themes to reveal Ubuntu’s darker side.

Ubuntu Satanic ;-)

Top 5 wines at $5.99 (or less) - Slashfood

# Trader Joe's Coastal Cabernet ($4.99)
# Amaicha Torrontes ($4.99)
# Banrock Station Shiraz ($5.99)
# Barefoot California Merlot ($5.99)
# Barefoot California Chardonnay ($5.99)


Friday, December 8, 2006

openSUSE 10.2 released

A collection of major changes and additions characterizing the current SUSE Linux release.

* Distribution renamed to openSUSE
* Available for i386, x86_64 and PowerPC architectures
* Package groupings are handled differently, 10.2 will use Patterns instead of selections.
* numerous improvements to the package manager stack, including a new update notification applet (opensuse-updater) and a console application called zypper which are both non-ZMD based.
* Linux kernel, using only SMP kernels (The kernel-default package contains the standard kernel for both uniprocessor and multiprocessor systems. The kernel comes with SMP support and runs with only minimal overhead on uniprocessor systems. There is no kernel-smp package anymore.)
* glibc 2.5
* X.Org 7.2rc2
* using opensync instead of multisync for much better syncing
* integration of powermanagement features into hal
* support to install multiple gcc versions in parallel
* removal of several unneeded SuSEconfig scripts
* no reboot after CD1, display of slideshow during all media
* autoconf 2.60
* bison 2.3
* gcc 4.1.2 cvs
* gdb 6.5
* make 3.81
* both KDE and GNOME feature improved start menus compared to upstream
* additional CD with non-tier 1 languages
* 2 years lifetime
* openSUSE 10.2 Release Notes


Friday, December 1, 2006

Flickr Backup

Flickr Backup is a utility that allows you to download the pictures you have uploaded to Flickr back down to your computer for personal backup or restore.

Flickr backup is an Open Source project that is hosted on Feel free to check out our project page. On the project page, you can submit and review bug reports, request features for future releases, view the forums, and much more.

Flickr Backup

The Great Flickr Tools Collection

Flickr is a revolution in photo storage, sharing and organization , making image management an easy, natural and collaborative process. Get comments, notes, and tags on your photos, post to any blog, share and chat live and more! Flickr claims to be the best online image management and photo sharing application.

The Great Flickr Tools Collection