Thursday, February 16, 2006


Got new flash for 20D. My old 420EX is no longer working as expeted. It has quite happy with it but it was thousands flashes ago ;-)
580EX is combining the strengths of its predecessor 550EX while providing additional functions at higher speeds, the SPEEDLITE 580EX is Canon’s new flagship flash unit featuring a higher maximum guide number, shorter recycle time, autozoom control for image sensor size, and design improvements for easier handling by digital SLR users ranging from professional to advanced amateur.

Speedlite 580EX

Linux substitutes for “most-wanted” Windows only software has reported recently on Novell Inc.'s survey of the "most wanted" Windows/MacOS-only applications among Linux users. As a result of over 14,000 votes and comments that have been registered since the beginning of January, some useful suggestions about good Linux substitutes have come to the fore.

Pixel Image Editor

Friday, February 3, 2006

ExtraTasty - Get your booze on!

Looking for that perfect drink receipe? have one to share? Check out ExtraTasty, website that makes relaxation a lot less stressfull ;-)



Summary of design issues on Web 2.0 web design. This one is focusing on a design related point of view instead of the usual Ajax / Web2.0 API approach. Basic, yet highly interesting facts on why those websites look as cool as they do - while still being dead simple web design.