Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Automate free software installations with Win-Get

Windows only: Freeware command line utility Win-Get is a Windows version of the popular Linux command line tool, apt-get. Win-Get can automate the installation of freeware applications with a simple command line syntax. For example, you can download and install the latest and greatest Firefox with win-get install firefox. This kind of command line install isn't for everyone, but it really can be much quicker than hunting for web sites and download links when you just want to download an app. Win-Get is free as in speech, Windows only, works with any application that is free as in beer.


Friday, July 27, 2007


FitDay is a new tool to help you achieve your nutrition, weight loss, diet & fitness goals.


Share files with Firefox and AllPeers

The AllPeers Firefox extension adds drag-and-drop peer-to-peer file sharing to the comfort of everyone's favorite browser.

Click through to the gallery below to get a glimpse of how AllPeers makes it easy to share everything from web pages to large files with your friends or family through Firefox.


Monday, July 23, 2007

Kingston Technology Boosts CF Ultimate Card Write Speed to 266X

Kingston Technology Company, Inc. today announced it is increasing the write speed of its popular line of CompactFlash® Ultimate memory cards to 266X – twice the minimum sustained write speed previously available in the Ultimate line. Kingston® CF Ultimate cards will also have an added feature of free MediaRECOVER® data recovery software that serves as a recovery tool to help restore lost, deleted or corrupted image files.

Capacities(a): 2GB, 4GB, 8GB
Dimensions: 1.43" x 1.68" x 0.13" (36.4mm x 42.8mm x 3.3mm) - CF Type 1
Speed Rating(b): 45MB/sec. read rate and 40MB/sec. write rate
Data Recovery Utility: MediaRECOVER for Windows/Mac

Kingston CF Ultimate

Friday, July 20, 2007

SanDisk Extreme Ducati Edition CF and SD Plus Cards

Sandisk has introduced its new 'Ducati Edition' range of high speed flash memory cards, inspired by its sponsorship of the Ducati Corse MotoGP team. Available in CompactFlash and SDHC formats with capacities of 4 and 8 GB for the CF and 4GB for the SDHC, the new media are Sandisk's fastest yet - claimed to reach speeds of 45 and 20 MB per second respectively. The SDHC card is of Sandisk's 'Plus' design incorporating a USB plug into the body of the card which is protected by a hinged section of the shell - until now this feature has been limited to the Ultra II range.

Sandisk Ducati

Edit PDF files for free with PDFill

Free utility PDFill can create, update and merge existing PDF files for free. PDFill can also split or reorder PDF pages, encrypt/decrypt PDF's, rotate and crop, add image or text watermarks, and convert images to PDFs and back. The downside is PDFill requires the Java runtime to work - but you still can't beat the price for pretty advanced PDF manipulation. PDFill is a free download for Windows.


Monday, July 16, 2007

CodecInstaller - audio and video codecs analysis tool.

CodecInstaller is a Windows program that detects the Audio and Video codecs installed on your system, analyzes files to understand which codecs they require and suggests you to install them.

Codec Installer

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Package Search - openSUSE

openSUSE Packages have often been hard to locate and scattered over many domains. The Package Search enables users to easily locate all software packaged for openSUSE.

Package search

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Visual Studio .NET Add-Ins

From the console compiler to the powerful Visual Studio IDE, .NET is just about coding as much as the tools. Fabio Pedrosa's list of 15 indispensable VS.NET add-ins.