Thursday, June 3, 2010

May 2010 earnings breakdown

Overall worst month this year but it hard to achieve record level from previous months. SS continues to dominate with 58% of my earnings. 123RF stopped downhill trend and earned more than last month. I hope it will keep growing now. DT is climbing slightly every month. FT is third but it is oscillating around average, one month it is above, next below. No signs that it would change in future. This month was so weak that even IS scored more. I should stop writing right here cause everybody else is just random. No earning from BS this month but I got sales from FP after nothing for months. YM actually earned more than FT but from third-party sales and I have no idea how many images were sold.

May May/Apr
SS 58.62% 78.38%
123RF 12.90% 108.89%
DT 10.09% 169.51%
YM 5.75% #DIV/0!
IS 5.62% 61.72%
FT 4.85% 47.53%
FP 1.44% #DIV/0!
CSP 0.63% 10.64%
CS 0.11% 16.67%
Total 92.41%


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