Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lightroom 3 upgrade

I did expect to have my LR3 Upgrade shipped so soon but couple days ago I got info from Amazon that it will be sent earlier than at the beginning of July. I got it today and installed it without making any special preparations. I have been doing upgrades on this machine since version 1 and so far no problems. This time installation was quite fast and it asked if I want to upgrade my current catalog. I confirmed and it did it quickly. I tired all my archival catalogs and no problems were detected. I quickly launched it to see how much difference I could see at first glance. It's almost no visible signs that I am using new version besides big logo it top left corner. It seems to be faster. Maybe because it optimized my catalogs to make them smaller. It is also truly 64-bit. Preview generation also seems to be faster. I read that raw processing engine has been given a complete overhaul so I tried it on few images and sometimes it is immediately visible and sometimes I cannot tell a difference. I cannot see any setting to turn it on permanently but I assume it will import using new 2010 process. Lens calibration recognized two of my lens and visually it seems to have bigger impact on image than just switching a process. I need to play with it more especially when I got images where distortions or chromatic aberrations are more visible. I cannot tell much about noise reduction until I try some high ISO images. Next I wish to see how it handles videos :-)

[caption id="attachment_657" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Adobe Lightroom 3"]Adobe Lightroom 3[/caption]


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