Thursday, March 25, 2010

Howto capture your screen into video with VLC.

I guess many people, including me, did not know that free media player, VLC, can be used to create screencasts of your desktop. It may require some experimentation to come up with the right settings but you do not have to buy any special software to do it. You need download and install VLC.

1. From Media menu select Convert/Save
VLC Media Player
2. Open Media dialog will be presented and you have to switch to Capture Device tab.
Open Media
3. Select Capture Mode: Desktop
4. Set desired frame rate. I used 25 fps.
5. Press Convert/Save button and you will see Convert dialog. Source will be preselected to screen://
6. Browse to select destination file
7. In Settings you need to choose profile. I got best results with "Video - MPEG-4 + AAC (MP4)"
8. Hit settings icon to edit profile.
9. My preferred settings are:
- Encapsulation MP4/MOV
- Video codec H-264, 25fps
- Audio codec unchecked since I am not going to record any audio
10. Press Start to begin recording then stop when you finished.

That's all, you got screencast.


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