Thursday, April 1, 2010

March 2010 earnings breakdown

Overall it was 14% less than previous month in which I got two BMEs established. First think you may noticed is no data from StockXpert. They are gone. Images are left in void. No time-line is given on when images are going to be transferred to Getty's new site ThinkStock. We got new top 5 now. IS takes missing spot which means that 10% of my income has gone and is going to be replaced by site that generates 3%. On a bright side, 123RF and DT seem to be growing slowly so maybe over time they would compensate for a loss of SXP. FT is dormant and IS is low as usual. Surprise on this month chart was created by YAY. They accumulated all third-party sales from last year and put it as one big sale on a random picture. Very bad, no information which images were sold or how many times. All others are dead or barely alive.

Mar Mar/Feb
SS 52.24% 79.69%
123RF 14.77% 93.05%
DT 11.22% 206.50%
YM 8.96%
FT 6.05% 132.54%
IS 3.99% 66.89%
BS 2.01% 111.11%[ad#adsense-1]
CS 0.50%
Veer 0.14%
CSP 0.12% 10.71%
Total 96.67%

[caption id="attachment_584" align="alignnone" width="450" caption="Microstock 2010-03"]Microstock 2010-03[/caption]


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