Monday, March 1, 2010

February 2010 earnings breakdown

This was a good month overall. Slightly less (-16%) than previous month which was BME if you look at total revenue. It happened because 123RF did extremely well. This time it did very good so it grabs second place but it was half of what was in January. I am happy to announce new record from SS after 18 months from the last BME. Also I am observing increase from IS. It's very slow but they keep growing few percent every month and this month it gives them 3rd place. It is mostly because my other top 5 performers did not increase contributions very much. For DT and FT it was OK month so they have to do better than that. SXP stop contributing at the beginning of month so in result they dropped from top 5. It does look like transition to ThinkStock has happened yet. I am keeping my fingers crossed, it is good start of the year but you cannot tell if this trend will last.

Feb Feb/Jan
SS 63.37% 123.86% BME
123RF 15.34% 40.42%
IS 5.77% 157.75% BME
DT 5.25% 116.42%
FT 4.41% 118.93%
SXP 3.03% 50.98%
BS 1.75% 150.00%
CSP 1.09% 254.55%
Total 83.88%


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