Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Crestock WordPress plug-in

I am Crestock contributor and WordPress blogger so I got interested in announcement I received in email this morning. It looks like Crestock developed plugin that allow bloggers access to search for, and add, any Crestock image to their blog - free of charge. Obviously I applaud any marketing initiatives that will help my photos to sell better but I got couple questions.

  1. Why I as a blogger need high quality commercial photos for my blog? I am not making any money on my blog so why would I want to pay for images? I can get whatever I want for free under Creative Commons license. Lets say I want image of carrot on my blog. If I search for "carrot vegetable" on Crestock I got very few results.If I go to Google Image Search and search the same terms with CC license I got hundreds if images.

  2. How do know that this plug-in exists?  Where is a press release? How do I install it? Why do I care about it? What are benefits for blogger? I would rather want a paid banner from Crestock on my site than ability to display watermarked images.  The answer is Google Search. It will lead you to WordPress page for this plugin. Nothing more. What kind of marketing effort is that? 24 overall downloads, it is not going to bring any sales I think

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