Friday, September 11, 2009

August 2009 earnings breakdown

I am posting August results a little bit late because I was on vacations during first week of September. So how this month is comparing to previous one? Still it seems like downtrend across the board but it is getting weaker. I gained back some of the losses. IS is still loosing, fourth month in row below payout level. Other players are actually doing better than usual. Hopefully vacations are over now and we are entering holiday season.

Aug Aug/Jul
SS 45.28% 92.69%
123RF 16.61% 227.70%
DT 15.82% 159.61%
SXP 9.88% 89.90%
FT 4.94% 148.33%
IS 2.85% 65.52%
BS 2.22% #DIV/0!
CS 1.67% #DIV/0!
CSP 0.72% 65.00%
Total 115.52%


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