Thursday, October 1, 2009

September 2009 earnings breakdown

Overall I got exactly same result as in previous month but breakdown is completely different. SS gained back from terrible results and it is not almost at normal level. Other did worse than last time. Most visible looser is DT while 123RF got only slightly worse. FT continues to build up rising trend but it is still very slow. Big surprise was a sale on MSP. SXP and IS keep the same level.

Sep Sep/Aug
SS 55.12% 121.74%
123RF 11.23% 67.58%
SXP 7.72% 78.09%
MSP 6.94%
FT 6.51% 131.69%
DT 5.91% 37.38%
IS 2.80% 98.25%
FP 1.67%
CSP 1.69% 234.62%
BS 0.28% 12.50%
CS 0.14% 8.33%
Total 100.01%


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