Thursday, September 20, 2007

NetScout buys Network General


NetScout Systems wants to purchase Network General for $205m, the company said today. The takeover will be the third time the once-leading packet monitoring firm has changed hands, 10 years after McAfee purchased Network General for $1.1bn. I used to work for NGC (formerly Network Associates) for 6 years and Netscout was always perceived as arch rival.


  • 1986: Network General Founded with Sniffer software.

  • 1992: Passes on acquiring Frontier Software Development (which becomes NetScout).

  • 1997: McAfee merges with NG for $1.1bn, renamed Network Associates.

  • 2000: I joined Network Associates.

  • 2003: Silver Lake Partners purchases Sniffer Technologies unit for $275m, renamed Network General (McAfee reverts to previous name as well).

  • 2006: I left Network General.

  • 2007: NetScout purchase for $205m.

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