Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Video Editing on Linux

I was trying to do a simple thing with AVI file made by my digital camera, I wanted to rotate it by 90 degrees. Out of the box there no tool that could do this simple task on OpenSUSE 10.2. I start searching internet for answers. I found this article: The Status of Home Video Editing on Linux & Unix. There is a list of tools I might potentially use there.

  • Cinelerra
    It seems to be powerfull tool but I have to compile it and couple dependencies so I decided to skip it.

  • Kdenlive
    I found x86_64 rpms on Packman: kdenlive-0.4-0.pm.1.x86_64.rpm. Nice tool but I could not rotate AVI file :-)

  • Kino
    Got it from Packman: kino-0.9.4-0.pm.1.x86_64.rpm It could not even load my AVI file.

  • LVE
    Installed package from Packman: lve-0.050926-0.pm.0.x86_64.rpm. It could not load AVI file.

  • Avidemux
    Installed avidemux-2.3.0-2.pm.0.x86_64.rpm from Packman. Finally this one can do many things with AVI files I got. Mission accomplished ;-)

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