Friday, November 18, 2011

Google Apps on Kindle Fire

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Thanks to xda-developers forum I got most of Google Apps working on Kindle Fire without rooting a device. Article on the forum keeps changing so maybe later you can find more information.

  1. I downloded GApps archive from link provided in the post.

  2. Unpacked files and copied to connected Kindle Fire download folder.

  3. Using ES File Explorer from installed from Amazon Appstore navigate to where I got .apk files

  4. First installed GoogleServicesFramework.apk and restarted device.

  5. Later I was trying different apps:
    Maps - worked
    Reader - worked
    Gmail - worked
    Youtube - worked
    Street View - installed but there is no app icon to click. Maybe I need to launch it from Maps?
    Books - worked
    Google+ - worked

  6. I did not try Talk and Voice cause it makes no sense running it on device without camera and microphone.

  7. I did not try Market cause I read reports that it would require rooting to make it work

I only briefly run all this apps so there is no guarantee that somewhere down the road some functionality is not working. I have seen few error messages on the way so maybe it's not as good as it seems :-)


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