Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Shutterstock list of acceptable video codecs

For while I got almost all my videos uploaded there rejected for wrong format. Canon EOS 5Dmk2 uses Quicktime format with h264 codec for video and uncompressed audio. The software I got, Magix Movie Edit 15, could really save it in this format. Every time I tried to rim something I could not convert it back to original format so I started looking for video transcoder. First find was MediaCoder . It does the job, saves movie with h264 video codec and given audio codec. It worked for many sites but failed on Shutterstock and AlwaysHD. Actually the second one suggested that I should use Photo-JPG or Motion-JPG codecs. MediaCoder does not support these formats but I found another great utility, MPEG Streamclip. It's really Quicktime format powerhouse. It can convert anything to Quicktime. I tried it and 3 movies previously rejected by Shutterstock got accepted. In meanwhile I got email exchange with Shutterstock customer support. Eventually they send me list of codecs they accept:

The format for acceptable codecs has changed to the following effective
October 31, 2008. Please adhere to these formats going forward.

Acceptable codecs:

0x00000000 0x10000001 0x10000002
dvsd DVSd dvc dvcp
MJPG AVRn ADVJ jpeg mjpa mjpb
DX50 DIVX MP42 FMP4 MP43 avc1 MPG4 M4S2 mp4v

If you attempt to upload a format such as AVI (which was once acceptable
before) you will not be able to do so any longer.

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