Thursday, December 11, 2008

Got tired asking for simple things on microstock websites!

I guess they only fix things that are annoying for buyers and ignore what contributors says. Fortunatelly many simple things can be fixed with bookmarklet or browser plugin.

1. No "Check All Checkboxes" on StockXpert
Solution. Check All bookmarklet or CheckBoxMate plug-in for Firefox

2. No multiple image delete on Dreamstime.
Solution. My own bookmarklet which simply deletes all 20 images on current page.



  1. For some reason I hadn't read your blog before today - now I'm glad I did. Great tips - if I submit ideas, you gonna find solutions? ;)

  2. I was asking these questions of their forums and since I am programmer I know it's little thing to do. No response for months so I started searching for solutions.