Monday, January 15, 2007


BasKet is multi-purpose note-taking software with a flexible interface and great organization.

If you already use another note-taking app I have some good news, BasKet lets you bring your existing notes with you. Data can be imported from KNotes, KJots, Tuxcards, Sticky Notes, or Tomboy. If you decide that BasKet isn’t the program for you, it’s also easy to switch back because none of the original data is modified and new notes can be exported as HTML.

And speaking of exporting as HTML, this capability also makes BasKet a quick and easy WYSIWYG HTML editor. The formatting that you see in the note is preserved in the HTML. While this doesn’t mean that you should use BasKet as your web page editor for anything in depth, it could be used for quick and dirty pages that just need to get done.


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