Thursday, March 30, 2006

Abes of Maine - never again

I ordered laptop on March 18th. Two days later sales person sent me email asking to give them a call to verify some info. I call that person and he cheked my address and security code on my credit card. I would like to mention that it's my second order so I am already in the system. The real reason for me to call was what people call "bite and switch" technique. I was expecting that they will try to offer my extended warranty or some accesories. I was right and denied offers. My credit card was charged same day I made a call. Next day I checked their website to see if they posted tracking number. Description on the website states that they need 48 hours to update order status (they did not do anything even now). I waited 2 days and checked again. Nothing. Called this salesperson again. He said item was shipped but transfered me to another representative to get tracking number. The other person said that there is no tracking number cause order had not been shipped. Then she called first one and he claimed he never spoke to me. So she said that order will be shipped soon. Called 2 them to more times and finally I got somebody who could make a decision. I was promised that order will be be upgraded free of charge to 2-day delivery. Next day finally I was able to get tracking number.

Abes of Maine

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