Thursday, January 30, 2014

Upgrade continued - got flash

In my Canon life I was using flash on camera quite often so when I started evaluating Olympus OM-D E-M1 not everything could be tested. Eventually I decided to get FL-600R flash to make sure I can do similar things with new camera. Of course I do not have same range of lens for new system so making switch decision will be based on partial data.
After unpacking Olympus flash I compared size of these two devices. Definitively Speedlite is stronger and bigger but if FL-600R takes same amount of batteries its recycle time must be pretty good. With less power I might not be able to flash across big rooms but this is not what I am doing very often anyway.
When I got chance to bounce light off the white ceiling it looks pretty good. Sometimes I cannot do this so I decided to get some sort of reflector. As you can see there are velcros on my Speedlite. I was suing LumiQuest ProMax system with it. It has a holder for multiple reflector and frankly it was to complicated so I was using it infrequently. Especially since I got off camera flash bracket which seems to work better. Anyway I wanted something that can be easier attached to flash. I looked at flash soft boxes and and accidentally I found something looking pretty interesting: Rogue FlashBender. It can be quickly attached without any velcros. Also you can bend it anyway you want, sometime it could be faster than tilting whole flash head.

Great little bonus, you can wrap it and make quick snoot :-)

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