Monday, August 9, 2010

Palm Pre+ GPS issues update

For a while I was not able to use GPS hardware on my Palm Pre+. Some people suggested that it might be crippled by Verizon since they want to sell subscriptions for their GPS software - Verizon Navigator. I read reports claiming that when you start Navigator first, GPS working in other apps auto-magically. This thing was probably inspiration for writing a small app called GPS Fix. GPS Fix is designed to wake your GPS, then keep it alive by continually pinging it at a set interval. I got following recipe to make possible to use SmartRunner to track my cycling rides.

  1. Start GPS Fix and enable it

  2. Call Verizon Navigator from GPS Fix and wait until it will ask you to purchase this app.

  3. Start SmartRunner.

  4. Wait. I figured out that it takes a while to sync with satellites. Unlike my PhotoTrackr device it cannot really sync when I am moving. That was always problem cause I am used to start and let it sync while I am riding. This is not working with GPS hardware from Pre+. Once you are synced you can start tracking in SmartRunner and GPS Fix will keep pinging hardware to make sure it will be running.