Monday, February 1, 2010

January 2010 earnings breakdown

Overall it was Best Month Ever if you consider total earning form all agencies. My best earner SS was couple dollars short to grab 3rd result ever which is suprising after very bad December results. Biggest surprise was 123RF with over 400% over previous month. This is definetively BME for them. Third place goes to CUT. It was my first sale there and first EL at the same time. Hopefully I will start selling there. Rest of top 5 preformed below usual levels. Let's see what happen in February.

Jan Jan/Dec
SS 42.91% 162.42%
123RF 31.84% 408.09%
CUT 8.57%
SXP 4.98% 81.38%
DT 3.79% 52.08%
FT 3.11% 103.02%
IS 3.07% 91.10%
BS 0.98% 300.00%
CS 0.41%
CSP 0.36% 55.00%

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