Saturday, January 2, 2010

My 2009 microstock results

My 2009 totals just confirms what I saw every month. Almost 50% of my sales comes from SS. Next 3 are around 5x less which might bring some payouts every couple months. Next 3 are more wishful thinking for me that really contributors. Everything else is just plain waste of time. From this group I am only uploading to Veer cause they are relatively new and I want to give them a chance. Hopefully next year at this time I could select best 5-6 performers and forget about others.

SS 48.62%
DT 13.45%
123RF 12.85%
SXP 11.90%
FT 4.04%
CSP 3.01%
IS 2.78%
YM 0.85%
BS 0.61%
CS 0.52%
Veer/SV 0.59%
MSP 0.54%
FP 0.24%


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