Saturday, February 28, 2009

February 2009 earnings breakdown

My Top 5 stays the same. SS is first as always and FT is fifth. SXP recovered to normal level and grabbed second place. 123RF and DT are below expectations.

Feb    Feb/Jan
SS    69.20%    96.90%
SXP    10.81%    111.59%
123RF    8.26%    95.53%
DT    6.41%    32.17%
FT    2.21%    47.09%
CS    1.05%    120.00%
IS    0.72%    39.31%
BS    0.70%    200.00%
Total     85.15%



  1. Maybe I missed something - what are the %s in reference to? Average? Last 12 months? SXP is 111% of what? Sounds good either way! Of course FT at 47% doesn't sound as good that way! lol

  2. I guess confusion comes from bad formatting. We got 3 columns here: Agency, Current month, Current/Previous month. Taking SXP as example it translates to 10.81% of total February earnings and 111.59% of SXP's January result. It means that it is one of the few agencies that did better than in January.