Monday, October 24, 2005

Machu Picchu

I have done Inca Trail. It was tougher than I toughteven if trail itself is not that difficult. What makes it difficult forme was that I made many things first time in my life. First time I was hiking on altitude around 4000m, first timeI giked 4 times in rowso there was not time time to regenerate. My knees and feet are sore but I am happy I tried it. Many things could be better if I new some tricks before:
  • Do not try to carry all your stuff with you. Porters cost $50 for entire trail and you need really only camera, water, warmer cloths, rain poncho, insect repellant, sun screen. Your sleeping bag, tootbrush is not needed on a trail but it weights :-)

  • If possible wear long sleeves and pants. Bugs are really enoying and you will not feel them busy with climbing :-)

  • Hiking poles are usefull. Get lightest posiblebut you can buy wooden sticksfrom locals on thetrail. If you got hiking poles get rubber tips cause you cannot use metal on the trail. Again locals would sell you one pair for 3 soles :-)

  • Sun screen is good if you do not want to get burned like me :-)

  • Go slowly, altitude will suck your stamina very clickly

  • Always got somespare change, on first 2 days you can buy water on the trail soyou donot have to carry it

  • Come to Machu Picchu before 9AM (sunrise is ussually around 5AM and bus service starts around 6AM) if you want to take some pictures. Later tourists are everywhere:-)

  • Dead Woman's Pass
    Machu Picchu

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